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Upland and Riverine Limited, we are logistics support company in Nigeria with over 9 years of experience. We pride ourselves in offering an unparalleled service to customers in all aspects of our business operations.

As a one-stop shop support services, Upland and Riverine Ltd can be relied on to take care of any logistical requirements: shipping assistance, customs clearing, export, relocation services, import permit and project management.

We take business relationship serious and personal; built on trust and professionalism. We look forward to hearing from you and being of service to you in every way we can. We are here to support you, where and when needed.


[tt-wellcome title=”Customs Broker” subtitle=”Expertise in customs, tariffs and local regulations; We act as forwarding agent for exporters” images=”142″ readmore=”Read more…” readmorelink=”http://www.uplandriverine.com/?page_id=105″][tt-wellcome title=”Project Management” subtitle=”Upland and riverine Project Management Team is there to simplify your biggest challenges. ” images=”199″ readmore=”Read more…” readmorelink=”http://www.uplandriverine.com/?page_id=111″]
[tt-wellcome title=”Procurement ” subtitle=”Upland and riverine supply service supports and keeps you moving on project site or routine office basis either onshore or deepwater” images=”118″ readmore=”Read more…” readmorelink=”http://www.uplandriverine.com/?page_id=109″]